Harmonious Breathing

Everyone can benefit from Harmonious Breathing, and everyone can participate in HB classes.

Harmonious Breathing is a key element in coordinating the functions of the mind and body. It calms the mind, reduces tension in the body, and improves both physiological and cerebral functions.If you eliminate the irregularities in your breathing, it has a beneficial effect on your mind. When breathing is smooth, continuous, slow and quiet, the body relaxes and the mind becomes calmer and more peaceful. Controlled breathing is used in many relaxation methods, and is central to the ideals and goals of yoga. Its contribution to health and harmony has been known in Eastern cultures for many centuries, and is now widely recognised. Harmonious Breathing takes its source in Yantra Yoga (one of the oldest methods of Yoga taught in the world, transcribed in the 8th century) and differs from other Yoga by the integration of movement and breathing.

You will feel the benefits after just one class, but you’ll notice more and more difference as you continue with a series of classes.

Deepening your practice and understanding of conscious breathing helps to harmonize your personal energy.
We believe that a practice you can apply anywhere, at any time, is a powerful tool for improving the quality of your everyday life. Our goal is to provide our students with a way to improve their lives that can be achieved by almost everyone, in just 15 minutes a day.

Our system is firmly rooted in the teachings and knowledge of the ancient Tibetan tradition of Yantra Yoga, one of the oldest recorded systems of yoga in the world. These centuries of experience and understanding shape our approach to teaching.

The benefits of complete breathing have been understood for centuries, particularly in Eastern cultures.
More recently, the fundamental role of correct breathing techniques has been the subject of further study, and its many physical and emotional benefits are more widely appreciated than ever.

Correct breathing techniques replicate the breathing rhythms found when people are relaxed and contented, and the mind recognises these cues and becomes calmer and more grounded as a result.

Harmonious breathing fully engages all the parts of the body involved in the breathing process, from the diaphragm to the back muscles. It gently exercises these muscles, flushes out the lymphatic system, and improves the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide taken in by the lungs.

With body and mind in better balance, you sleep more deeply, are better rested and have more energy. The general feeling of wellbeing is complemented by the ability to work harder, and live better.

Wear some comfortable clothes, make sure you have enough floor space (about 4㎡), something to sit on – a yoga mat, cushion – and enjoy your class. Some sessions require you to sit on a chair. There’s no need to buy any specialised clothing. Have something to drink handy during and after your class.