About Natural State Yoga & Wellness

Natural State Yoga & Wellness is dedicated to the realisation of a natural state of well-being shared by all people, through the continuation and evolution of ancient arts of yoga and health.

Established by registered Australian not-for-profit cultural organisation Aeon Arts Ltd, Natural State Yoga & Wellness also operates in joint venture with fellow organisations Shang Shung Institute Australia and the International Atiyoga Foundation to offer diverse services in pursuit of the aforementioned goal. These range from yoga and well-being holidays and retreats, through yoga and Harmonious Breathing classes, to wellness workshops, courses & intensives.

The principal system of yoga represented in our various offerings is the sublime Yantra Yoga, Tibetan Yoga of Movement & Breathing, as transmitted by master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Complementarily, wellness or wellbeing is approached from a natural, elemental perspective deriving from the ancient and evolving system of traditional Tibetan Medicine, a sister science to Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Harmonious Breathing is a profound method of enabling natural, complete, smooth breathing developed by breathing and yoga expert Fabio Andrico.

Natural State Yoga & Wellness is able to offer services featuring authorised teachers and practitioners of all the above, as well as of complementary modalities.

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